Complete Re-Roof Conversions

There are several reasons to consider replacing your roof entirely when converting loft space…

When undertaking a loft conversion, a lot of people will decide to re-roof at the same time. First, your roof may not be in the best of condition, and you don’t want your lovely new master suite to be mired by leaks and damp issues. Second, replacing the roof entirely means you’re not limited by the original roof line – you can have a higher pitch, and thus more headroom, and more usable floor space. If your property has hipped sides, these can be replaced with gables, again increasing the usable floor space.

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Attics weren’t originally intended to provide living space, so conversions that largely follow the original roof line and partly extend it through dormers or the like will inevitably create some funny ceiling lines giving them that ‘attic room’ feel. For some this is perfectly acceptable and adds character, for others (including the taller among us!) they need maximum head room and usable space – in this case, a complete re-roof loft conversion will give you exactly what you need with no limitations.

“Unfortunately our house caught on fire one evening we was out, it completely ruined our house. We contacted SPR for a quote to replace the roof to match the original. They were very competitive, so we used them. What a pleasure to work with great bunch of guys very hard working and did a cracking job A*****”

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